The DeepSquare Project
Sustainable HPC as a Service
Decentralised. Community-led. Blockchain (em)powered.


The DeepSquare Grid

Decentralised Sustainable HPC Clusters deployed to locations where the heat can be reused

The DeepSquare Protocol

Smart Contract to manage
transactional flows, governance, and incentive mechanism

The DeepSquare Marketplace

A marketplace for applications that utilize HPC (High performance computing)


DeepSquare Token (DPS) as an asset token and SQUARE Token as a utility token
Private sale
How to participate
We have successfully closed the first private sale round and currently, we are opening the second private sale. If you are interested in learning more about the project and get more detailed info, please submit the form below, and we will get back to you.

The DeepSquare project
The DeepSquare project will be deployed to solve the real-world challenges facing intensive computing demand today.
  • We will significantly reduce the energy demands by deploying hyper-efficient, specialized clusters utilizing renewable power and the latest advancements in cooling technology and heat recovery.
  • The strategic implementation of the DeepSquare grid enables carbon-neutral energy sourcing and heat recovery, which (significantly) reduces the climate impact of AI.
  • By efficiently allocating workloads in real-time using the DeepSquare protocol, we will reduce the rate of idle resources and optimize the grid’s energy consumption.
  • Democratization and fairness will be achieved via the DeepSquare token that rewards those who support the association and distributes control equitably between the participants.
The DeepSquare ecosystem

ISVs (independent software vendors or Application Providers)

Advertise the service and the marketplace


Competitive pricing
Unified experience across services
Startup/Research fund allocation

Facility Owners/Operators

Payback on heat re-sell

The Community
(DPS Tokenholders)

Deflationary economics
Staking reward
The DeepSquare Token

The DeepSquare Token has been designed to fund the DeepSquare project and to reward stakeholders and give them voting rights. 

Name DeepSquare
Symbol DPS
Blockchain Ethereum
Type ERC-20 compatible
Maximum Total Supply 210,000,000 DPS
Private sale (round 2)
from November 2021
Limited amount of tokens
$3,000,000 Value to raise
7,500,000 Tokens
DeepSquare Token Allocation
Fund distribution
  • 10% Liquidity pool & Applications
  • 15% Marketing
  • 45% Infrastructure Growth Fund
  • 20% App Dev fund
  • 10% Others (inc. Legal & Administration)
Token distribution
  • 5% Community development
  • 8.3% Private sale participation
  • 10% Team and advisors
  • 15% Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives
  • 35.6% Public-sale participants
  • 26.1% Staking (rewards)
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q2 2019 - Q2 2021
MVP DL training platform
MVP inference platform
1st sustainable cluster
Phase I
Q2 2021 - Q1 2022
Private Token Sale
2 Apps hosted
From development cluster to production cluster
ERC20 DeepSquare token
Phase II
Q2 2022 - Q3 2022
SQUARE token
Public Token Sale
Community governance v1
BlockchainProtocol Development
DeepSquare Marketplace online
Listing on DEX
Application filled for listing on CEX
Phase III
Q3 2022 - Q2 2023
Staking reward
Community governance v2
Phase IV
Q2 2023 - Q4 2023
Blockchain integrated meta scheduler
Fully community governed
Phase V
2024 onwards
Fully mature fair ecosystem in equilibrium
Meet the Crew
Diarmuid Daltún
Project Lead

Global Leader Sales & Marketing, Software & Cloud, Sustainability Advocate, Entrepreneur

Sergio Giacoletto
Head of Strategy and organization

Senior Leader International Sales and Services, Strategic Biz-Dev, Tech-Investor

Dr Florin Dzeladini
Head of Blockchain

Data Scientist, Blockchain Expert, Entrepreneur with focus on AI, Robotics and Distributed systems

Christophe Lillo
Lead HPC architect

HPC Hardware Expert, Linux Guru, Crypto Expert

Frédéric Juillard
Head of Sustainability

Life Science Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur with focus on Sustainable Deep-Tech

Dr Berat Denizdurduran
Head of Technology

Neuroscientist, Supercomputing Expert, Data Scientist

Mark Bagnall
Business operations

Tech-Leader Private Banking, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Advisor and Investor

Daniela Re
Head of Finance

International Senior Finance Executive with extensive corporate finance, capital markets experience

Maja Kehic
Head of Marketing

Tech-savvy marketing professional

Our Advisors
Pascale Chatelain
Global Strategy & Business advisor Partnering Alliances
Carolina Marçalo
Blockchain enthusiast, digital platforms and marketplaces lead Former Member of AppCoins Core Team
Charly Mancel
Blockchain and crypto
Vasu Briquez
International Senior Executive Advisor
Luca Esposito
Technology expert and investor
Arnaud de La Chapelle
Tech-Investor & Start-up Advisor
Florent Rouxelin
Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Finance, College of Business at Florida International University
Sebastian Savidan
Co-Founder and CEO at Alpine Intuition. AI expertise
Fernando Gutierrez

Investor in Alternative Assets, Former Board Member of Dash Core Team

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What is HPC as a Service?

High-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS) is the provision of high-level processing capacity to customers through the cloud. The same workloads for scientific computing and big data analysis that are run on local high-performance computing (HPC) systems can be run on HPCaaS.

Why blockchain?

DeepSquare leverages blockchain for transparency of transactions and workloads carried out, transparency in pricing and later real load-balancing across clusters. The mature ecosystem will mean that system will open itself to resources not belonging to the association (e.g. leased and purchased by other entities).
This will bring decentralisation and in order to provide a real trustless and open system we need to ensure that the requested compute resources matches the used compute resource: we call this proof of compute.

How do you reuse the heat?

Due to the fact that our clusters use immersion cooling, we capture all of the heat produced and it is injected into district heating systems (Sion for example) and can also be used in industrial processes